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Care and maintenance of EASY CLEAN fabric

Do you dream of a light-coloured sofa, but afraid of dirt? Thanks to the innovative finish you no longer have to worry about stains, and your furniture can forever remain sparkling clean! Simply choose one of the EASY CLEAN fabrics and you can easily remove even the most stubborn stain.

Find below a description of how to clean the most common stains and familiarize yourself with the most important rules for using EASY CLEAN fabrics.  

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How to remove the most common stains:

Stains from dense substances, on the example of ketchup stains:

  1.       Remove dirt with a teaspoon: gently, without pressing or rubbing the dirt into the fabric.
  2.       Sprinkle the residue with water and drain off with a paper towel.
  3.       Leave to dry

Stains from liquid substances, on the example of coffee stains:

  1.      Soak out the spilled liquid with a paper towel.
  2.      Sprinkle the residue with water and drain off with a paper towel.
  3.      Leave to dry

Stains from ballpoint pen:

  1.     Remove dirt using a school eraser, by performing firm movements.
  2.     You can now enjoy the cleanliness of the material

The most important cleaning rules for EASY CLEAN fabrics:

  • Wipe off the liquid from the surface of the fabric using an absorbent material without exerting pressure. Wipe off the remaining liquid with a clean, dry cloth (cotton cloth, paper towel, etc.) slightly exerting pressure.
  • If the liquid leaves a stain, wipe it off using a lathered cotton cloth, without
  • spreading the stain. Place the opposite side of the lathered cloth after each contact with the fabric, so as not spread or rub the stain. Then rinse the soap with water.
  • Dry dirt (mud, ash, dust, cosmetics, etc.) should be vacuum-cleaned from the fabric before the substance penetrates into the fabric. In case of residues, shake off dirt and brush gently. If the stain remains, wipe it off with circular motions using a lathered cotton cloth.
  • For other stains, soak a cotton cloth and lather with hypoallergenic soap. Then, wipe the stain with a slight pressure, so as not to spread the stain. The motion should be gentle and circular.
  • The spilled fluid should be cleaned immediately by wiping out the stain from the outside to the inside without excessive pressure.
  • After cleaning, wipe the area around the stain with a damp cloth to maintain the same level of moisture. Drying should be performed with circular movements using a hairdryer set to low heat.
  • Use hypoallergenic soap to clean the product. It is not recommended to use washing-up liquid, liquid soap, alkaline and petroleum-based solvents, as well as household detergents, i.e. bleaching products etc.
  • Never use an iron to dry.
  • Never use carpet cleaning products.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of upholstery fabrics prevents the formation of dirt and significantly extends their life-span.

All products intended for cleaning and maintenance of upholstery fabric should first be tested on invisible areas. We always use the products on surfaces, applying them from seam to seam.

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